Watch but do not touch Tumblr


  • Browse through Tumblr content
  • Style matches with Windows 8
  • Can text, quote, link, and photo post


  • Cannot search tags
  • No chat, video, or audio posts
  • Must post to established blogs


Tumbukun is a Tumblr Metro client for Windows 8. This sleek app will allow you to browse Tumblr and post updates from your blogs. It lacks some of the more complex features on Tumblr’s website, but has just the right amount to satisfy non-diehard users.

Tumbukun’s interface is designed to look and feel just like Windows 8’s dashboard, including the exact same pastel palette. When Tumbukun is first opened your only option is to explore and browse through random posts. Each post is displayed as a large rectangle tile that includes a preview picture of the image or text, any description/caption, and the user’s icon. These previews are often too small for the actual picture and will typically be cropped in undesirable ways.

Upon clicking on a preview tile you will taken to the full post that includes the blog name and the post date. On the left of Tumbukun will be buttons to like, reblog, save image, and open in a web browser. On the right will be the amount of likes, associated tags, and the option to follow. Because there is no search option you must click each tag to find related topics. This can lead to a furious amount of clicking through Tumbukun as you try and find specific tags.

Tumbukun offers a few extra options to those who log in. After allowing Tumbukun to communicate with your Tumblr account you will be allowed to make new posts. These include the basic text, quote, link, and photo. Unfortunately there are no chat, video, or audio posts. All of the standard options such as title, caption, urls, and tags can be input. Tumbukun lacks an advanced options tab so you cannot customize urls, source content, or delay post times.

The biggest problem is that you can only post to your established blogs as you cannot create new blogs. For the few with multiple accounts there is no easy way to log out and switch between users. Tumbukun is focused on being used by a single person.

Tumbukun has all the basic features you’ll need to explore Tumblr, but lacks the more in-depth options for dedicated users.

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